• Emma Heywood

Rain Rain Go Crochet

This is one of 2 new charts that I have chosen to show off on my corner 2 corner blanket pattern. I only have the one crochet pattern in my instarsia collection so felt it would be best to show the crochet puns off on crochet. You don't need a pattern to c2c crochet but my guide can be followed step by step like a knitting pattern and I also include tips on how much yarn you will need to make any instarsia chart into a crochet blanket.

This blanket would ideal to snuggle under on rainy days. It would also be nice with white writing and a blue/grey variegated yarn for the main colour, like clouds in a stormy sky.

Yarn colours required - MC and CC1.

Rain Rain Go Crochet Chart Download Link

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